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Production Pancakes – 70:20:10 Framework

For the team’s personal development, a tool to give them the time they need.


Today, I hope to give you a quick introduction to the 70:20:10 framework for training and development, and some tips on how to implement it. I’ll try to keep it role agnostic, although perhaps my tech bias will be apparent.

In short, the framework is used in the training/development of individuals. The framework holds that 70% of one’s time should be spent learning on the job, through experience. 20% should be spent learning from others, and 10% should be spend learning from formal sources/resources.

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Tokyo Moment: Shinjuku VR Zone

Originally posted in 2018

Last year I took a 2 week trip to Tokyo with 2 friends, we visited Shinjuku VR Zone. Here’s what happened:

As a gamer, programmer and all around optimist when it comes to VR, I had to visit the Shinjuku VR Zone. If you’re in Tokyo for any length of time, you must have a go on the Mario Kart VR game. Pro tip: try and visit during the week, if you’re lucky, it’ll be quiet as it was for us.

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