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F is for Focus

Focus! If you can nurture your focus, you can improve your productivity, flow, and perhaps most importantly, take control of your time.

As someone who’s been on the frontlines (of a dev studio) and more recently, someone who’s working in a managerial role, I have found a wide array of tools and processes to help with focus. Inspired by Shahid Kamal Ahmad’s blog post on focus, I’m here to share my tools and actions (you can take) for improved focus.

I’ll get straight to some lovely lists which you easily scan for useful takeaways, as I realise the irony of hiding useful information in a mire of paragraphs requiring focus to make the most of.

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Tokyo Moment: Shinjuku VR Zone

Originally posted in 2018

Last year I took a 2 week trip to Tokyo with 2 friends, we visited Shinjuku VR Zone. Here’s what happened:

As a gamer, programmer and all around optimist when it comes to VR, I had to visit the Shinjuku VR Zone. If you’re in Tokyo for any length of time, you must have a go on the Mario Kart VR game. Pro tip: try and visit during the week, if you’re lucky, it’ll be quiet as it was for us.

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