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Production Pancakes – Feedback – Impact vs Intent

Good intentions can have negative impact. Start improving your meetings/1 on 1s by understanding how we perceive feedback. Impact vs Intent is the difference between how we perceive feedback or a situation vs how the other party perceives it. While there is a lot in play during feedback sessions, today, I’ll talk about this specific blind spot.

Let’s say we’re giving feedback, and another party is receiving our feedback. We are completely aware of our own ideas as we have them, this makes us pre-disposed to focus on our intention. However, the other party of a feedback session is focusing on our output, unaware of our thoughts and intentions, thus they will be measuring the impact our feedback has. The same is true of any situation involving 2 or more people. This is Impact vs Intent.

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Production Pancakes – 3 types of Feedback

On a crusade for better feedback, I wish to share some of the secrets that I have learned. First is that there are 3 types of feedback.

Understanding the difference between these types is a mere stepping stone to giving better feedback. Given that feedback takes many forms in our day to day life, I believe it’s an important place to begin. I’m currently listening to the audiobook Thanks for the Feedback which I recommend you check out for further reading. However, I hope to share some quick-fire secrets with you in these blog posts. Onto the 3 types of feedback.

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Production Pancakes – Heads Up

Giving a heads up! Facilitating or managing a team requires much of us. Rather than talk about the fundamentals, I want to share one powerful thing with you for improving your communication with your team, increasing productivity and more.

I was amazed when I struggled to find anything written on this topic; surely I can’t be the only person who thinks a heads up is a ‘skill’ worth developing (let me know what you think).

Some people work well when surprised or blindsided by new priorities/tasks. Others learn to work well under such conditions, but many people struggle in dealing with sudden, surprise situations. How many people do you know who have anxiety about answering phone calls? More importantly, should our team (the devs) be working under such conditions? As leads/producers we should be quelling the chaos so that our teams can continue to work at their best.

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F is for Focus

Focus! If you can nurture your focus, you can improve your productivity, flow, and perhaps most importantly, take control of your time.

As someone who’s been on the frontlines (of a dev studio) and more recently, someone who’s working in a managerial role, I have found a wide array of tools and processes to help with focus. Inspired by Shahid Kamal Ahmad’s blog post on focus, I’m here to share my tools and actions (you can take) for improved focus.

I’ll get straight to some lovely lists which you easily scan for useful takeaways, as I realise the irony of hiding useful information in a mire of paragraphs requiring focus to make the most of.

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